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Uitspraak op: 05-02-2011

 By now Zoe is making all kinds of little sentences and you really have to start being careful with things you say without thinking about it :) She can easily repeat them :)

Also funny that I can really hear my own intonation in her way of speaking.. ' waar istie nou? (where did s/he go?) mama, kom hier (come over here), etc.etc.

Also funny is that I apparently say a lot 'lekker' (which is yummy/good/nice/ etc.) in front of all kinds of words, like eating, sleeping etc. So I hear Zo say as well to her dolls/animals... 'ga maar lekker slapen' , kom, ga maar lekker teen" Very nice!

Overall it is getting easier and easier to communicate with her. She is also picking up quite a few norwegian words, but she still speaks Dutch to Cato as well. I do think she knows much more norwegian words than we think.. so I am curious to see what it will be like when she will be a bit older. 

Uitspraak op: 15-06-2010

Dag pin! (dag spin)  (goodbye 'pider' > spider)

Zoe starts to speak with two words, like saying goodbye or hello to things or when the bear is going to sleep. ' beer slapen' (bear sleep).

She doesn't really like spiders, flies or other insects. So when she is acting afraid, I start to wave enthusiastically at it and say hello or goodbye. With the result that she is saying 'dag pin' to the place when the spide once was :) So she remembers where it was and still says hello/goodbye to it :)

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