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the new year

04 januari 2010
 And here it is.. 2010! 

We had a good travel back home and since today we are back at work again. Zoe did have to get used to being home again, because she seemed to be a bit lost yesterday evening and a bit out of balance, but it seems better tonight. 

Cato left for London again and will be back on Wednesday evening. I don't have anything special planned for the rest of the week, except work 

I hope you all had a great new years eve and have started the new year with a fresh and happy view.

And regarding resolutions.. yes I have them as well.. 10 kilo's less (at least) by the end of the year. I know that is really original...hehe.. but still necessary. I want to let my hear grow in a bobline.. and I hope I can do something about my nails, get them a bit longer or more elegant. In other words.. a bit of a transformation for 2010! (and I hope of course by sharing them with you, that I will really follow through).

2009 going into 2010

31 december 2009
The last day of the year which always makes me a bit nostalgic, thinking back about what happened, if it was a good year or not and it also makes me think about the new year and what will come.
So 2009, the year really flew by. Only when looking at Zoe, I can see it really has been a year
It has been a year of starting with building the new house, the year of having the little hole fixed in my heart, starting a new sales job, but most of all it has been a year of getting to know Zoe and enjoying her growing and developing.
Fortunately we have been very lucky with our health. Zoe has been very little sick and although she was coughing quite a bit, she does get over it every time. She was overweight, but as expected now that she is walking, she stays at the same weight and she is growing at the same time.
Cato hasn’t been much sick either, but he did have a lot of stress unfortunately this year. The work was very demanding and it is something we are concerned about for the New Year as well.
And I have been lucky too. The hole in my heart was easily fixed and looking back it has been a minor surgery as mentioned by the doctor.
But as written the nicest of 2009 is seeing how Zoe has grown and what she can do now. Although she never crawled, she started walking with 11 months. By now she is pretty good at it and is keeping her balance better and better. She also understands how to sit down now and it is just adorable to see how proud she is when she sits by herself. She knows s a couple of words and she starts to indicate at things and understands more and more words. Most importantly she seems to be a really happy toddler who hardly ever cries. Of course there are some challenges, like going to sleep… she didn’t like it when being younger and she still doesn’t like it now. When she is asleep, it goes pretty well and she hardly wakes up during the night. So we are lucky with that as well. Cato and I really feel blessed with her being so easy and we really enjoy it, because I also realize it can suddenly change when going into a new phase
So overall I think 2009 has been a busy year with a lot of new things, but it has been a good year. We had some nice parties with friends: Eastern drinks, Wil turning 40, Zoe’s first birthday and Sinterklaas in Brussels.
So what about 2010 and my expectations…
Well, I expect us to move to our new house and really make it a wonderful home. Furthermore I hope we will be able to sell the apartment.
I also hope we can find a solution for Cato’s demanding job which influences our lives in different ways.
But most importantly I hope everyone, family and friends will stay healthy and happy. As corny as it sounds, health is the most important thing in live and if this is okay, you have the right basis to do all kinds of other nice things.
And when it comes to fun… well, I expect quite some nice housewarming parties in 2010, plus a eurovision songcontent party at our new house (being half Norwegian, it is the best we can do instead of going to Norway ), hopefully have a wonderful summer in which we can have lots of nice bbq’s and even though we just had Christmas, I do hope we can celebrate with everyone a lovely Christmas at our place.
So.. 2010.. it will be a busy year again, but I will whatever I can to make it a great one!
Have a very happy new year everyone!
A big kiss from the Furums!

Sinterklaas and the highest point of the house!

09 december 2009
 Hi everyone,

Time flies by again and if I don't update the site regularly, I almost forget things that happened! 

On the 3rd of December we had a celebration at the new house, namely the highest point was reached! Apparently that is a reason to celebrate (if we need any hehehe). So Cato got beer and nuts, while oma and Eline helped out with the champagne. And yes, there it was.. our first floor! Really cool to be able to see the space we will get for Zoe's room, our bedroom and the bathroom. Very nice indeed. I have uploaded the house album with the latest pictures. 

In the weekend we (Aukje, Philip and Ton, Hans and Jose, oma and Eline, Wil and the three of us) all went to Brussels to celebrate Sinterklaas at Lluis' place. At Hans' birthday we had all taken a name and via email we knew what the person's wishes were, so it was 'just' a matter of writing a poem. I have to say everyone did their best and it was really nice to hear the poems and see everyone being happy with their presents.  I will upload some pics of our celebration in the 13 month album of Zoe. Lluis and Wil had done a great job in preparing a wonderful lunch, as you will see at the picture.

In the evening Cato and I went to Veronique, Klaus, Robin and Victor so that we could see their latest and youngest son Victor who was born in the beginning of November. He was so tiny! Almost impossible to think Zoe had been that small too!
The next morning we celebrated sinterklaas with them. Zoe wasn't completely used sleeping in a different surrounding, so she didn't sleep too well. Therefore I took her in my bed, which resulted in her sleeping okay and me waking up almost every hour, so I will not do that again!  She moves so much in her sleep, it really kept me awake. 

And now it is only 1.5 week left to our vacation in Norway. We booked the ferry trip, which will be the same as we did in May. And we will stay at Palle's place. 
It will be a very busy time towards our vacation though, because this weekend both Cato and myself will have to go to Hamburg for work. We will leave on Sunday and I will be back again on Tuesday evening, where Cato will have to stay until the end of the week. So Zoe will go to oma again, but now for two nights. 
They had another practice run this week, when I had to go to a training and leave early in the morning, so it was better if she could stay with my mom and Eline, but she didn't make it very easy on them...  She stayed awake until 00.00h.. So I hope this will not happen the coming weekend... 

Anyway, you are all up to date again.. I will have to give Zoe some medication now, because she is coughing a lot again. I guess it is the season.. 

take care,

Mexican shot :) and sleeping over for the first time

28 november 2009
Hi everyone,

It has been quite a tought week.Two weeks ago Zoe had a very high fever one night, but it seemed only for one night. Unfortunately she didn't feel well again this week. On Saturday she suddenly slept a lot during the day, which we are not used to with her.
So we were a big concerned when we brought her to my mom to stay over for a night! Yes, yes... the first time for Zoe to sleep over! :) I think it was more exciting for Cato and myself than for her
In December both Cato and myself have to go away for work, so we wanted to have a trial night and fortunately everything went well! Okay, Eline slept very little, afraid she wouldn't hear it when she was awake, but for the rest everything went perfect.

Anyway, on Sunday Zoe started to have diarea (I am sure you write it differently) and she had a fever in the evening. I went with her to the doctor on Monday morning, but as she didn't have a fever and she seemed to be all cheerful, we shouldn't worry about anything.

In the afternoon we had to go with her to the RAI (a big congress center) to get the first Mexican flu shot. Wow, what an operation was that! I have to say very well organized and things went very quickly. As Z loves other kids and balloons, both available in big quantities, she actually had quite some fun!  And the vaccination was only a minor thingy.

Unfortunately in the evening she had a fever again and she threw up. Plus she also had a very tough night with little sleep (so, so did I ) So to be sure we stayed at home on Tuesday. I think it was meant to be, because unfortunately my mom was sick as well, so it was better Zoe didn't go to 'oma'.
In the evening she threw up again and the diapers were also still a nice challenge during the day.
Slowly it got better on Wednesday and Thursday we brought her to daycare again where everything went well.
BUT.. Thursday night it was a party again in the sense that she was awake a lot, crying a lot, so overall little sleep on all sides. BUT.. I did see what the cause was for all the distress... a 4th tooth is coming through!  (second one on the top) So at least we understand now why she wasn't feeling very happy.

Fortunately this night she had a good night, so I am looking forward to seeing her again well rested and not so pale and with small eyes  (she is still asleep, while I am updating the site)

And for the rest... I am very busy with my new role, visiting customers, taking care of some support stuff again and most importantly finding out where the opportunities are with the customers.

Also Cato is extremely busy and stressed, which isn't always very nice. In December he will have to go on stage again at the Software Universe and they are preparing now the whole presentation, so that takes time. For the rest he is being dragged into all kinds of deals, so unfortunately he is travelling even more than usual.
I have to admit it isn't always nice, but it seems we don't have a solution for it now. So we just have to do the best we can.

This weekend we had in mind to go to Munster to a christmas market, but I am not sure if that will happen. We will go to the winterfair at the international school tomorrow, as Hans will be performing there!

I think you are updated again!

take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Heart thingy, house, work etc. :)

18 november 2009
So fortunately everything went well with the heart. As said previously I have to take medications now every day, but that's okay. I just have to make sure I don't forget it  

An even more important thing is that I went with Zoe to the hospital last Monday, so that she could be checked as well for her heart and fortunately everything is fine! She had an ECG and an ultrasound. The ECG went well, but the ultrasound wasn't a big success. She had to lie down for maybe 10 minutes, but well Zoe isn't really the baby to lie down  So she cried and cried, but as soon as she sat up, she was already smiling again.. so there is a bit of a drama queen in her 

Zoe is doing really well. Also lately at daycare things are going much better in the morning. For a long time she started to cry when I brought her away, but now she walks to the kids and often she doesn't even notice when I leave and I am very happy with that.
She is also walking really well and starts making more and more talking noises, which are really funny.
And she is getting more and more personality of course. She starts to cry or sit down on the floor when things aren't going her way (not that the above will help of course.. )and she can also get angry when she can't get what she wants. It is actually really fun all the development she is going through.

So what else is going on... they are moving along with the house, so that's really great! Check out the new pictures I added to the house photo album. We have to start choosing doors now and they are working on the walls for the first floor. 

Work is really busy. I started in a new role since the first of November, being in sales instead of support, so that is quite a change.  So a lot of new things to learn and of course getting to know my customers who are the different governmental institutes in the Netherlands (tax offices, Ministry of Defense, Justice etc.) So very interesting.
Cato is also busy as usual and preparing quite a big presentation that he will be part of in December.

We have also been all a bit sick. Zoe had a really high fever one night which was quite scary, but fortunately things got better during the night and in the morning she was better again.
Also Cato and myself didn't feel well at all last week, but fortunately we are all better again.
Zoe does have a cough again which isn't nice at all, but we have gone through this before, so we know it can take some time. We will keep an eye on it though and if it doesn't get better soon, we will go to the doctor to have her checked out again.

So I guess you are all updated again. Quite a few things happened, but in general they are all positive

Take care everyone!


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