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We have moved!

06 juni 2010
Two weeks further and so many things happened!! 

First we brought Sabbi to Antwerp. Fortunately everything went fine and it seems he has already adjusted well. So I am really happy about that.
Unfortunately I had eaten something wrong and this became quite a drama. Sunday night I started getting sick and it got worse and worse. At the end it was so bad, that Cato called the ambulance and they saw I was in shock (getting in and out consciousness) so they called the fire brigade to get me out of the apartment and then it was with lights and sounds on rushed to the hospital. Fortunately when they gave me fluids and all kinds of other medication, I soon felt better, but it was a very scary experience for Cato and myself. 
It also meant I had to stay in the hospital on Sunday and Monday night, because they wanted to make sure I was okay. Not a really good timing, but that was the way it was. 

So on Tuesday morning I came out of the hospital and then a lot of things needed to be arranged for the house.
They started already packing the boxes and the new house got cleaned completely. 

 On Wednesday the movers came early and in the afternoon all boxes and furniture was in our new house. Fortunately we had great help from Eline, my mom, Gwenn and on Thursday Aukje and Hans who helped unpacking the boxes. So pretty quickly we were in a live-able situation. 

On Monday they started with our garden and after one week we are having  a great terrace, which was really wonderful yesterday!!! It was such beautiful weather, that we could already enjoy the terrace, our new BBQ (see picture of Cato) and a wonderful evening with friends and family. 

Zoe has adjusted very quickly to the new house, only the first night she woke up earlier, but overall everything went wonderful! She really enjoys she can go out so easily. I really can't wait for the whole garden to be finished, so that she will also have grass to play. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week, although I do doubt it a bit. 

Regarding the internals of the house: we are waiting for our lamps, but they are coming soon too and the new sofa's I expect will also be here this week. Plus some little things still need to be done by the contractor, but overall it is really really nice. 

When we are really settled and everything is done, we will definitely organize a house warming party!

Eli and other stuff

22 mei 2010
 A lot of things happened this week.. first of all the most shocking news was that Cato's mom, Eli, has a tumor in her head! She felt very dizzy on Wednesday, so the doctor sent her to the hospital to have her checked out and it turned out she has a tumor of 2.5 cm in her head. The good news is, is that it isn't in her brain, but pressing against it. So it is operable. We had thought they would keep her in the hospital to operate her immediately, but she has been sent home and she is waiting now to hear news from the state hospital. Fortunately she isn't feeling sick, except at times dizziness, but she is not allowed to drive her car anymore which she finds terrible. Anyway, we are waiting now to hear what will happen. As soon as we know when she will be operated, Cato will go to Norway of course.   

A lot of things went on in the house. On Friday the carpets were placed and the curtains, luxaflex etc. were put up. So the house looks much more finished now. It is really becoming very cosy. Also a lot of the smaller things that had to be finished by the contractor, were taken care of. 

And today... we got ourselves a garden! On the 31st of May they will start and hopefully it will be ready in two weeks. It is really a wonderful design with beautiful flowers. it will really complement the house. I will put the drawing of it in the House photo album. 

Tomorrow Cato and I will bring Sabbi to Antwerp, which will be a sad thing and I don't want to think too much about it yet. 
On Monday we should really do some cleaning up in the apartment and on Tuesday a lot of things will happen:
The movers will come to pack everything. The kitchen people will come to put the working space on top. The cleaners will come to clean the whole new house and the satellite people will come to get the television ready (which also means we will have bought a new television by then). 

So a lot of action! Our internet connection will be moved on the 28th, so hopefully that will work. Otherwise I can update this web from my mom's pc. 

And on top of all of this... we are actually a bit concerned about Zoe. For the last two days she hasn't been eating well and both last night and Thursday night she threw up everything she ate. So I really hope it won't happen tonight and she will get a bit better. She isn't really sick, because there is no fever and she is still happy, but the fact that she doesn't eat that much and the throwing up, isn't good of course. Hopefully things will be okay tonight and she will start eating again tomorrow. 

Keep you posted of course on everything!

house and Sabbi

16 mei 2010
 Gosh a week went by again... only 10 days left before we will move. This week the new floor has been put in the house and it really looks amazing! (see the pics in the House photo album). We are very very happy with it.
We also had our second talk with the gardener and we are quite convinced we would like to go ahead with him. Now we have to come to an agreement regarding the price. This will happen next Saturday.
Still quite some things need to happen this week, so I hope we can get everything arranged before we will move in 1.5 week. 

Zoe has been a bit restless with a couple of lesser evenings. As she still needs to get 12 teeth, I expect this may have something to do with it. 
Apart from this, she is doing just fine and she starts to repeat more and more words, which is really nice. 

One other important decision we have made, Sabbi my lovely old cat, will move 'back' to his original owner in Antwerp. After having had a lot of discussions about it, thinking about the new house with the garden, but also with the road next to it and him not being used to it, I decided to ask his original owner (so the professor in Antwerp from whom I got both Mino and Sabbi as kittens) if she could take care of him the last years of his life and she has said yes. 
I find it quite a difficult decision, even if it can be seen as good for him and for the rest of the family, but he has been my family for 17 years... so it is quite tough anyway. Next Sunday we will bring him to her and I am sure this will not be an easy task for me. 

Mother's day 2010

09 mei 2010
 Today it is Mother's day. My second one  Cato was sweet in making me breakfast in bed and Zoë made me a sweet heart (see picture) with some chocolates attached to it, which we had to eat together of course. 

Yesterday we made some purchases for the house again! A wonderful wooden lamp for the toilet (handy because there is no light at the moment :)) and a great lamp for upstairs between our two bedrooms. 

We also met with another gardner, because we haven't really decided yet with whom we want to do business. One we met had a detailed offer, but a shitty drawing, the other one had a great drawing, but no offer and it took quite some time before we got that. So we are not convinced of either of them.
So yesterday we met with someone else who made a good first impression so let's see what comes out of that. We have realized it is quite an expensive project again..   but it needs to be done properly otherwise we will not have a nice garden in the future. Oh well... keep you posted.

We also met up with Gerard ( where we ordered the cupboards, table etc. The table has arrived and looks really nice! The cupboards in the bedroom will be there at the end of May. This gives a little challenge with the carpet, but we will find a way to get it organized. 

Zoë is doing great and she starts to get the hang of climbing on top of things. So suddenly she stands on the table, which she finds extremely funny. And it is actually quite funny to see her standing like that, all proud with a big smile, but we have to tell her of course she shouldn't do so. Otherwise she will suddenly start climbing tables everywhere (actually she also did so yesterday in the shop of Gerard...). So real parenting starts 

So I have been a mom now for more than 1.5 year and I like it!   Of course sometimes it is a bit difficult to keep my patience when she throws her food on the floor again (nope,  I am not perfect and I do lose my temper once in a while), but overall it is really wonderful. She is just the cutest, the sweetest and the smartest of course 

Have a wonderful Sunday and I will keep you posted! A lot of things will happen in the house in May, so expect regular updates here.

The keys to the new house

05 mei 2010

Since a week we have officially the keys to our new house! Last Wednesday we went through the whole house with the architect, contractor and looked at everything. Yes, there are still a couple of smaller things that need to happen, but overall it looks really wonderful and we can't wait to get in!
See the House album where you can see some of the latest pictures. 

On Monday they brought the kitchen and tomorrow from 8.30h they will start putting that together. The ' keukenblad' will be brought at the end of the month, because they will have to measure it now that the fire place has been placed. It looks really wonderful as well and we are very pleased with it. 

On Monday I also had two talks with the gardeners and this week we decide with whom we will continue. The drawing looks really nice. 

So this month will be such an exciting month with so many things going on (and things that can go wrong... so a bit of stress is in it as well) Oh well at the end of the month we should be living in our new house and then of course we will start with selling the apartment. Another interesting project. I guess that will be 'easier' in the sense that we will clean it thoroughly and then it is basically getting a real estate agent who will sell it for us. So we would give the keys and s/he can start. 
I am a bit concerned it may not go very fast, because the apartment underneath us has been for sale for a very long time and the one next to us has been sold for quite  low price, but let's see. 

Zoë is doing very well, although she had a very energetic night on Monday. She woke up at 21.00 and we finally got her back to sleep again around 23.00 (under loud protest), then another time waking up around 1.00h. so I took her into my bed and then she continued to sleep. Around 3.00h I brought her back to her own bed again, because even though it is nice to have her in my bed for a little while, it is much more comfortable for herself (and me :)) when she sleeps in her own bed.  We think she may be getting some new teeth again, let's see. 
On Tuesday morning she stayed with us, because unfortunately my mom and Eline had a funeral to attend.

And today being Liberation day we have a day off!!! So hopefully the weather will be nice and then we can go out.

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